Signing Up

Step 1: Signing up with and linking SavingsonShipping
Once you click on Get App, you'll be taken to the sign up form. This is where you create an account with

  1. From your Shift4Shop Admin page, click "View Store"

  2. Copy your store's URL from the URL bar. You'll need to paste it into the form in step 4.

  3. When you select SavingsOnShipping from the Shift4Shop app marketplace and click the "Get App" button, you'll be taken to our registration page. Fill in your basic information and click "Get Started"

  4. Fill in your store's URL and hit "Update"

  5. A modal will pop up with instructions on how to link our app to Shift4Shop. Copy our public key. You'll need it to complete the linking process in the next step. Note: We'll come back to this screen to click the "Update" button in a bit, so leave this tab open and do step 6 in a new tab.

  6. Back in Shift4Shop, select "Modules" from the side panel, then search for "Rest API". Click "Settings"

  7. Click "Add", paste in our public key and hit "Save", and then "Authorize".

  8. Now, we go back to Savings on Shipping where we left off and click "Update".

    Your Shift4Shop store is now linked to Savings on Shipping.
    You'll see an offer to book a 5-minute demo. If you're the kind of person that prefers to figure stuff out on their own, then no need, but we encourage you to give us 5 minutes to walk you through the service. Happy Savings!

Step 2: Accessing SavingsOnShipping rates directly from Shift4Shop
For a smooth, seamless purchasing experience, your customers should be able to select their preferred shipping option directly from your website. This is what we will set up next.

  1. Click the "Sync Settings" button from your SavingsonShipping dashboard. This will display parameters that are unique to your store that we will need in step 4 below. Do not share these settings with anyone. They are unique to you and allow the creation of labels on your SavingsonShipping account.

  2. Back in SavingsOnShipping, click "Settings" in the side panel to the left and then "Shipping" within that section.

  3. On the page that's displayed, click "Edit Settings" under the Shipping Settings section.

  4. Click the "+" button to the far right of the "Custom Shipping Service" heading, and fill in the information from the "Sync Settings" page. Be sure to check the "Enabled" checkbox, and click "Save" (top right) before leaving this page.

  5. Click "Shipping" from the side panel again, but this time, click "Select Methods" under the "Shipping Methods" section.

  6. Click the "+" button to the far right of the "Custom Shipping Service" heading, and fill in the informartion from the "Sync Settings" page. Click "Add New", select the "Custom Shipping Service" checkbox and then click "Add Method"

  7. Since SavingsOnShipping will be giving you discounted UPS rates, you likely will want to turn off the UPS rates that come with Shift4Shop by default.

    You're all done. Now, your customers will see Shift4Shop shipping options on their orders.

Creating Labels

Where do I create my labels?
  1. To get our great rates, you'll be printing your labels from within the SavingsOnShipping site. Sign in at

  2. Once you sign in, your new orders from Shift4Shop will be automatically displayed. If you don't see them, click on the "Orders" button. Note: You can customize which types of orders are imported from Shift4Shop by clicking the Sync Settings" button.

    (You can also create shipping labels as needed that are not linked to any of your Shift4Shop orders. Simple click the "Create Label" button.)

  3. For each order automatically pulled from your Shift4Shop store, you'll see a line on the orders page.

    At the end of the line, you'll see the "Purchase" button. Simply click that to purchase (and create) the label.

How do I void an unused label?
You can void an unused label by going to the View Labels on the menu bar and clicking on the blue gear to the right of the shipment that you wish to void. On the dropdown click on void. Input the reason for the void and click submit.
Can I import my existing address book?
Yes you can! Click the "+ Shipment Profile" button at the top right of your screen. Choose the appropriate template based upon whether the address book being uploaded is for senders or recipients. Click on Batch Upload and Download template. Fill out the template and then upload the file. Make sure to keep the .csv file format.
How can I create multiple labels where each shipment has a different destination?
We have an upload feature that will allow you to create multiple labels all at once. On the Create Labels page, click on "+ Create Batched Labels". A modal will appear and give you the option to choose which carrier you would like to create the labels with. Download the template, populate the fields as specified by the header of the file, and upload as a CSV file.
How can I create multiple labels where all shipments are going to the same destination?
On the Package Information page (2nd step of creating a label), click "+ Additional Package" at the bottom of the page. You can create up to 25 additional labels for the same shipping address.
What if I don’t get any rates back?
In most cases, if you don’t receive any quotes, it is mostly like due to an invalid address. Please verify if the entered address is correct and try again. If you still don’t get a rate, please reach out to our Customer Service Team.
How can I schedule a pickup?
On the Package Information page (2nd step of creating a label) you will see an option to request a pickup. Once the label is created, you will have the option to select a day and time to request the pickup.
Can I set up email notifications for the status of my shipment?
Yes. On the Package Information page (2nd step of creating a label) you will see an option to request an email notification for any of the following events: 1. Shipped 2. Out for Delivery 3. Delivered 4. Available for Pick Pp. You can also add multiple email addresses.
Can I add users to my account and restrict their access to only creating shipping labels?
Yes. Users with the role of Vendor can create labels but do not have access to the rest of your dashboard. You can set this up by going to the Vendor page from the sub-nav. Click on "+ Vendor" and enter the name and email address of the user you would like to add.
Can I limit the type of labels a vendor can create?
Yes. On the Vendor page click "Threshold". In the threshold page you can specify limits for the service type, the shipping cost, and the weight.


Why is there a difference between the quoted amount and what I was billed?
The quoted amount includes all expected shipping costs and the cost of any additional services you purchased up front (e.g. signature verification). The final invoiced amount may differ from the quoted amount due to additional charges from the carrier such as address correction charges, weight/dimension adjustment charges, etc.
When will my credit card get charged?
Credit cards are charged every Friday, but bear in mind that the final billing for an individual shipment can take up to 21 days to be received. Consequently, they may take as much as 6 weeks to be included in your weekly credit card charges. You will get an account statement at the end of each month. You can see your shipments between invoices by visiting the reports tab on the shipping labels dashboard.